4 Reasons To Get an Advance Directive in Florida

One of the most important documents that you should have is an advance directive. In Florida, you can get the assistance of an estate attorney in Fort Myers for help with this document, which will allow you to make end-of-life decisions while you are capable. 

Reasons to Have an Advance Directive in Florida

Although an advance directive is optional, you should consider it if:

  • you want your wishes respected when you are incapable of making medical decisions;
  • you don't want your life prolonged through artificial means; and/or
  • you don't want CPR performed if your heart stops and you have an end-stage condition.

You should know that no one, including your doctor, can force you to have an advance directive. However, without an advance directive in Florida, you may receive more medical treatment than you desire.

When you lack an advance directive, your medical team can consult with the following people for guidance:

  • your spouse;
  • an adult child;
  • a court-appointed guardian;
  • either one of your parents;
  • an adult sibling;
  • other relatives; or
  • a close friend.

If you want your voice to be heard, speak to an estate attorney in Fort Myers to help you prepare your advance directive.

Help from an Estate Attorney in Fort Myers is Just a Phone Call Away

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