If someone does without a will are they being selfish and irresponsible?

As a Washington Post columnist states in her May 3rd 2016 article "All the reasons you tell yourself for not having a will drawn up are about you."  Hmmm - think about that.  It is true that if you are a single parent with one adult child and you own a home and a joint bank account with the adult child, you probably don't need a will because the state intestenancy laws transfer everything to your adult child anyway.  

However, for the majority of us, our estate is more complicated.  Some of the saddest meetings I have had are with someone who says "X said he was going to do this or that but died without doing it."  And then I have to explain that intent without more nothing under Florida law.  Think about your own situation: do you have a will?  Why not?  To get it done contact Linde Law Group today!

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