Making Sense of Florida Intestacy Law

Failure to prepare a will can cause a lot of problems and confusion when you die. To get a thorough understanding of Florida intestacy law and to get started on preparing a will, you should speak to an estate attorney in Fort Myers Florida.

According to Florida law, property that's distributed to descendants or heirs passes "per stirpes.'' What this means is that, depending who is alive, children or grandchildren can receive portions of the estate.

For example, if the deceased was not married, then his or her descendants will get the entire estate.

If 2 children were left behind, each child would receive an equal distribution of the estate. If both children had 2 grandkids, and one child preceded the deceased in death, the grandkids of the deceased child would split their parent's share of the estate

The other child would still receive half of the estate, but the grandkids would each receive 25% of the estate.

It's quite obvious that Florida intestacy law is difficult to navigate and understand.
To get your questions and concerns answered, you should schedule a consultation with an estate attorney in Fort Myers. The sooner you have a will prepared, the sooner you can rest assured that confusion regarding your estate will be kept to a minimum.

Help from an Estate Planning Attorney in Fort Myers is Just a Phone Call Away

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