According to and article written by Barry Ritholtz in the May 1st edition of the Washington Post: 

"Last week, the world was saddened by the loss of Prince, one of music's great geniuses.  He was 57 years old, had holdings worth $300 million and, apparently, no will.  A surge of interest in all things Prince since his unexpected death has pushed estimates of the value of his estaet has hight as $500 million.

Given his long-standing battle against her record lables for control of his intellectual property rights, as well as a phalanx of managers, lawyers and accountants, the lact of a will is a baffling oversight.  This is all but guaranteed to cause complications.

You may not have won severn Grammys or an Academy Award or sold 100 million albums, but you could still benefit from some estate and financial planning work, including a will.  Preparations before your farewell tour will go a long way toward avoiding headaches, confusion and tax complications."

This is good advise.  For more in formation contact Linde Law Group today at 239.939.7100.


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