In a lawsuit what feels right (emotionally) often does not work right.

The move "Denial" (2016) staring Rachel Weisz and Tom Wilkinson is an outstanding movie and a good drama.  The movie is about a trial that takes place in London where apparently the defendant has to prove that a libel allegation is true (in the U.S. normally the plaintiff has the burden to prove the published statement is false).  Rachel Weisz plays a defendant being sued by a person she called a Holocaust denier.  

What I really enjoyed about the movie is the relationship between the character Ms. Weisz portrays and the attorney she hires (played by Tom Wilkinson).  Throughout the movie Ms. Weisz demands that her lawyers take certain action she feels will vindicate her in the litigation.  Her lawyers on the other hand, are much more concerned with winning the case.  In one scene Wilkinson is eating lunch with Weisz and she tells him why she feels that a certain strategy (driven primarily by emotion) will be successful.  Wilkinson responds that "what feels right often doesn't work right."  This is good advice.  Many times I have clients who are understandably upset about something someone else has done.  However, it is very hard to irritate and persuade at the same time. Thus, what feels right emotionally is often exactly the wrong thing to do in litigation when those actions will be considered by a judge or jury you are trying to persuade.  I encourage you to watch the movie because this is illustrated well in the movie.  If you are a client and we represent you in litigation you will probably hear me say this.  For more information Contact Linde Law Group today at 239.939.7100.

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