With Living Trusts, You Still Need a Will in Florida

Although living trusts in Florida can help you manage property for a beneficiary, you should also have a will. Otherwise, you risk having some property automatically fall into probate. With the help of a North Fort Myers, Florida attorney, you can protect yourself and your beneficiaries with the proper documents. 

Wills usually have a clause naming the recipient of all property that hasn't been specifically left to a beneficiary. If you were to buy a car shortly before your death, for example, and had not yet included it in your will, you might not have had the title transferred to a living trust either. If you didn't have a will, the car would end up in the long, drawn-out probate process.

However, if you did have a will containing the clause mentioned above the car would be granted to the recipient in your will. In the absence of a will, property that hasn't been transferred to living trusts will be given to your closest relatives, according to Florida law.

Since there's no guarantee that courts will distribute your property as you'd like, your best bet is to contact a North Fort Myers, Florida attorney to have a will drafted so your wishes can be honored.

Help from a North Fort Myers, Florida Attorney is Just a Phone Call Away

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