If you have a question, please feel free to send the question to attorney Matthew Linde. However, please realize that many times the best procedure is to call my office and talk to Alexis or Lindsay and they will either put me on the phone or take a message.

This page gives you the opportunity to directly communicate with our attorneys.  This message will be sent to attorney Matthew A. Linde.  Please understand that we concentrate our practices to trust, probate and guardianship administration and litigation, estate planning and general elder law (defined on this website).  We have significant experience in these areas, and we are pleased to answer general questions.  However, please note that many issues that you deal with are complex and require an individual meeting.  When we speak with someone and the conversation starts out with “this is a long story,” the attorney will almost always refer the caller to Alexis or Lindsay to set up an office visit.  Please to not use this page to attempt to sell me goods or services.  All those messages are immediately deleted.

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