As a court appointed guardian, how do I know what I can or cannot do?

The simple answer is talk to your attorney.  Guaridans are required to be represented by an attorney.  The reason for this is that a guardianship is a court supervised procedure, and non-attorneys generally do not understand the process.  Further, even if you are a guardian who has an attorney, you need to ask your attorney questions.  The time to ask whether a guardian can borrow money from the Ward is not 8 months after the guardian has borrowed the money.  Further, Fla. Stat. 744.441 specifically lists the authority of a guardian to act AFTER the guardian has petitioned the court for approval to act.  Thus, as a guardian when you have any doubt get something in writing from your attorney.  For more information contact an attorney at Linde Law Group today.

Matthew A. Linde
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