How important is identifying my assets in the course of estate planning?

Estate planning is a topic that often reminds us of our own mortality. However, there are several reasons to identify your assets and begin your estate planning .

Advantages of Estate Planning in Florida

First, understand that when you set up your estate planning in Florida: 
  • you can name those whom you wish to receive your assets;
  • you can have minimal taxes siphoned from your estate; and
  • you can have peace of mind that your affairs are in order and that there will be no confusion upon your death. 
To get started, you should do inventory on your assets, which may include: 
  • investments;
  • business interests;
  • retirement accounts;
  • bank accounts;
  • real estate; and
  • insurance policies. 
Then you should decide who will inherit those assets. Next, you may want to discuss your wishes with your heirs. This may reduce the potential for disagreements after you have passed on.

If you fail to identify your assets, you may be creating problems when you die. To protect your heirs and your wishes in call an attorney to assist with your estate planning. Your attorney can help you prepare a solid plan to outline your wishes, minimize taxes and keep your heirs informed. It is best that you contact an attorney now, while you are physically and mentally capable.

Need Estate Planning?  An Attorney is a Phone Call Away

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