I received an estate accounting from the personal representative. How much time do I have to object to the accounting?

Whenever you receive something from the personal representative's attorney you need to be aware of timing issues.  Virtually everything in probate is on a time table.  If you receive an accounting, other than a final accounting, then under Probate Rule 5.345(c), you have 30 days from the date or receipt to object to the accounting.  If you do not object, then you are deemed to have waived your objections.  


The same time frame applies to objections for final accountings pursuant to Florida Probate Rule 5.401(d).  If you have any questions related to the accounting, then your rights are waived it you don't act.  For additional information, contact Florida Bar Board certified wills, trusts and estates attorney Linde Law Group today at 239.939.7100!  


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