What is probate administration? Do we need a lawyer?

Under Florida statute §731.301 (31) “probate of will” means all steps necessary to establish the validity of a will and to admit a will to probate.  Probate administration involved admitting a will, if the decedent had a will, to probate, noticing creditors, paying creditors and transferring property to the rightful beneficiaries.  If a person died in Florida with property in his or her name (with no payable on death provision), then generally you will need some form of probate procedure to transfer the property.  We recommend a lawyer even if you are the only beneficiary because the process can be complex.  Even with simple estates creditor issues can become complex very quickly.  For more information contact Florida Bar Board Certified expert in wills, trusts and estates attorney Matthew A. Linde at 239.939.7100 today.

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