What is an advance directive ?

A Florida advance directive is a document that allows you to make it clear whether you would want life-prolonging measures taken if you have an end-stage condition or are at a point in which you are being kept alive through artificial means. You can benefit by having a Florida Bar Board Certifed wills, trusts and estates expert help you properly draft an advance directive.

Understanding a Florida Advance Directive

Advance directives, which focus on your right to die with dignity, are not just for the elderly. For example, if you were the victim of a serious accident, would you want to be kept alive with a ventilator and feeding tubes if there was no hope for recovery? If your answer is no, you need an advance directive. Most people feel strongly one way or the other about extended life through artificial means.

When your advance directive meets all legal requirements, it will:

  • allow you to predetermine medical treatment; and
  • allow you to authorize someone to make medical decisions on your behalf; and
  • ensure that CPR will not be performed if you have a terminal condition, as long as your medical team has a copy of the advance directive.

Copies of your advance directive should be given to as many people as possible, including your family members, neighbors, doctor, and clergy. When your advance directive is properly drafted by a Fort Myers estate planning attorney, it may be transferrable to other states. A legally binding Florida advance directive will provide peace of mind that you will always have control over your medical decisions.

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