Who supervises the administration of probate in Cape Coral or Fort Myers?

The administration of probate in Florida is generally supervised by a circuit court judge in the probate division of the county where the deceased person died. If you are worried about how your estate will be carried out, you should discuss your concerns now with an estate attorney in Fort Myers, Florida. With the guidance of an experienced attorney, you may be able to help your beneficiaries avoid mass confusion upon your death. 

The judge who will supervise the administration of probate in Florida will rule on whether your will is valid or, if you died without a will (intestate), whether there is sufficient evidence to confirm that those claiming to be your heirs are truly your heirs and entitled to your probate estate.

If the deceased nominated a personal representative in their will, the judge will decide whether that individual or institution is, in fact, qualified for the task at hand. If the nominee for personal representative meets all qualifications according to Florida law, then the judge will issue Letters of Administration. They are evidence that the personal representative has the authority to administer the deceased's probate estate.

In the event that disputes or questions arise concerning the administration of the estate, a hearing will likely be held by the judge to seek a resolution. The decision made by the judge will be presented in a written direction, which is an order.

The sooner you meet with an estate attorney in Fort Myers, Florida, the sooner you can have the peace of mind that your probate estate will be handled properly.

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