My dad just died, why hire a Florida probate lawyer?

There are various reason why you may need to hire a Florida probate lawyer. For instance, if your loved one died without a will, Florida statutes will determine how assets will be distributed. To protect your rights throughout the probate process, which can last months or years, you should hire Florida Bar Board Certified wills, trusts and estates expert Matthew A. Linde. 

When you are in the midst of probate, your stress level will likely be increased due to the fact that you just lost a loved one. If you don't handle probate cases on a daily basis, you may find the process of settling an estate too complex and frustrating.

How a Florida Probate Lawyer Can Help

An experienced lawyer can minimize the frustration by answering your probate questions, helping you understand the process and providing guidance.

In cases in which there is a will and an executor has been named to settle the estate, a lawyer can help protect the executor from financial or legal liability in the event that mistakes are made. Otherwise, the executor could face severe repercussions. 

It's best to hire a lawyer early, especially if the decedent died without a will or if you are the executor of an estate. A do-it-yourself-kit is a bad idea when it comes to settling an estate because of the potential for legal, financial and emotional problems.

Before you hire a lawyer it would be a good idea to write down all of your probate questions and ask them during your consultation. If you are comfortable with your Florida probate lawyer's answers, he or she may be a good fit your case.

Help from a Florida Probate Lawyer is Just a Phone Call Away

Florida probate lawyer Matthew A. Linde understands firsthand the importance of careful estate planning and the complexities of financial legal matters, such as probate, tax litigation and guardianship. For help with your probate concerns, contact our Fort Myers office to schedule a one-on-one meeting with a professional who can answer your questions – 239-939-7100 or 844-357-0572.

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