Why Hire Estate Planning Attorneys in Fort Myers, Florida?

It's a good idea to hire estate planning attorneys in Fort Myers, Florida, so you can have control over your affairs. When your Florida estate planning is properly handled, you can dictate who will be entitled to various assets, when your estate will be passed on, and how much will be passed on.

Not only is it important that you have a will, but you should also have it drafted by a reputable estate planning attorney. Although a Do It Yourself kit may seem like an easy option, such kits cannot provide legal advice.

Estate planning can be very complex if you have children and plan to name guardians or set up trusts, for example. In such cases you may benefit by consulting with someone who handles estate planning cases on a daily basis.

Estate Planning: Protecting Your Children

When you're looking out for your children, you should consider many things:

  • how they will get access to your money;
  • who will have control over your money until your children are old enough to make financial decisions;
  • whether your children should get a lump sum or whether payments should be staggered at milestone birthdays; and
  • what can be done if one child is a reckless spender. 

If you have a blended family, you may run into even more problems if you stick with executing a valid DIY will. However, estate planning attorneys in Fort Myers, Florida, can draft a will tailored to your wishes and serve as a counselor, recommending customized trusts, which you can use to provide for your children and spouse on several levels.

An attorney can also set up trusts to direct assets to non-relatives
in a method that ensures your family will have access to that money when the non-relative no longer has a need for it.

Additionally, trust and tax planning work together. To maximize the portion of your estate that is passed on to your family, you will have to minimize what you pay to the government and then maximize investments that are held in trust. This requires a lot of coordinating among assets, a task well suited for an attorney well-versed in Florida estate planning.

When your estate is planned properly with the guidance of legal counsel, your heirs stand a good chance of avoiding tax liability. To avoid mass confusion upon your demise, allow an attorney to help with your estate planning.

Get Help from Estate Planning Attorneys in Fort Myers, Florida 

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