Common Estate Planning Mistakes in Florida (Part B)

The experienced estate planning attorneys in Fort Myers can provide you with strategies to help your heirs avoid or minimize costly tax consequences and other estate planning mistakes after you pass on. By all means, avoid procrastination; now is the time to meet with an attorney.

Additional Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

In addition to the previously stated mistakes, you should also avoid the following estate planning mistakes: 
  • Failing to name minor children a pre-need guardian - the thought of leaving young children behind can be very troubling, but you need to ensure that they will be safe. Also, if you have disabled children, avoid the mistake of forgoing a Special Needs Trust.
  • Lack of a strategy to protect assets left to loved ones - estate planning attorneys in Fort Myers have helped numerous clients protect assets and they can help you, too.
  • Neglecting to appoint a competent personal representative - your personal representative will have many legal tasks to perform, including safeguarding your probate assets. You can name a personal representative in your will, but it's up to a judge to determine whether the person or entity you name is qualified to serve. It would be best if you speak with an attorney before naming a personal representative.
  • Failing to frequently review your estate plan - your plan should be reviewed every couple of years or after there have been any significant changes to your family or to laws that affect estate planning. For example, if you have more children, you'll want to include them in your will.
  • Failing to keep important documents in a safe place - documents such as a prenuptial agreement should be given to your attorney for safekeeping. 

There are many other mistakes that you'll want to avoid in your estate planning, which is why hiring an attorney is highly recommended when dealing with such an important legal matter.

Help from Estate Planning Attorneys in Fort Myers is a Phone Call Away

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