Probate in Florida: Legal Duties of Personal Representatives (Part B)

The personal representative in a case regarding probate in Florida will likely need assistance with the tasks listed on the previous page and therefore will need to acquire the help from professionals, including an estate attorney in Fort Myers.

Since legal issues can crop up in just about any probate case, the personal representative should have legal counsel for liability issues and guidance. For example, if the personal representative mismanages the probate estate, he or she could be held liable for any harm the beneficiaries may suffer.

Additional Duties of a Personal Representative for Probate in Florida

Other professionals that may be necessary to help with probate in Florida include appraisers, investment advisers, and certified public accountants. These professionals can also assist with: 
  • paying the expenses stemming from the administration of the probate estate;
  • paying statutory sums to the deceased's spouse or other family members;
  • distributing probate assets to all beneficiaries; and
  • closing the probate estate. 

If you have any concerns about fees for services, understand that all professionals involved are entitled to reasonable compensation according to law. Compensation for your personal representative will typically be determined in 1 of 5 ways: 
  • as written in your will;
  • as written in a contract between the deceased and personal representative;
  • as agreed upon by the personal representative and those who will bear the impact of the compensation;
  • an amount presumed reasonable according to Florida law, as long as beneficiaries do not object; or
  • an amount determined by a judge. 

For help with your Florida estate planning, it is best that you consult with an estate attorney in Fort Myers while you are of sound body and mind. By taking steps now to prepare a solid estate plan, you'll be able to help your beneficiaries avoid any potential confusion and chaos upon your death.

Help from an Estate Attorney in Fort Myers is Just a Phone Call Away

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