What You Should Know About Letters of Administration in Florida (Part A)

Although probate administration in Florida is similar in some ways to administration across the United States, you should still consult with estate planning attorneys in Fort Myers to discuss issues such as Letters of Administration. If you do not deal with probate laws on a day-to-day basis, you may run into some complexities that may be easier to tackle with legal counsel by your side.

Letters of Administration: Are they really necessary?

It is not uncommon for a bank to ask for Letters of Administration (LOA), which are court orders, before releasing money that is rightfully yours. To get these letters, you will probably have to undergo a process called formal administration, which can take at least 6 months. You can't just pay a visit to the court clerk and request LOAs.

However, before going through the process of formal administration, the question that must be asked is, "Does the bank really need Letters of Administration?"  There have been many cases in which Letters of Administration, called Letters of Testamentary in some states, have been found to be unnecessary.

Because these letters generally can be obtained only through the time-consuming and more costly formal administration process, you may unnecessarily subject yourself to probate overkill if you lack good legal counsel.

Remember, Banks Are Looking Out for Themselves

Although banks do have policies, guidelines and manuals that make it difficult to access the funds of the deceased, you should not be discouraged. After all, the bank is just taking steps to protect itself from liability.

Before you give in to formal administration, though, you should contact estate planning attorneys in Fort Myers. They will go over your documents, explain all of your options and help you understand probate laws pertaining to your unique situation.

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