If you need help with an elder law or wills, trust and estates issue the following explains why you should call Matthew A. Linde today at 239-939-7100!

1. Matthew A. Linde is one of only eleven (11) attorneys in Florida (out of over 85,750 as of June 2016) who have attained Board Certification by the Florida Bar in Elder Law and in Wills, Trusts and Estates. Why do so few attorneys have these certifications?  Because these certifications are hard to obtain and trying does not count.  Each year many attorneys who attempt to become board certified fail the exams.  Certification is The Florida Bar’s highest evaluation of an attorney's competency, experience and professionalism in the areas of law approved for specialization. Do you want somebody who is an expert in elder law and in wills, trusts and estates?  If so you want to hire Matthew A. Linde.   

State (Florida and other states) and national (ABA approved) certification programs are the only programs that you can trust to carefully test an attorney's competency and carefully evaluate an attorney for professionalism.  Without this, you simply do not know if the attorney you hire is friendly and competent or friendly and incompetent.  We has assisted many individuals who have been led into a legal ditch by a well-meaning, friendly and incompetent attorney.    

2. Mr. Linde has a separate degree (Master of Legal Letters or LL.M. in taxation) and has prepared hundreds of tax returns.  Even if you have a small estate you need to be aware of income tax issues.  For example, most attorneys do not know that in the last year of an estate, the deductions flow through to the beneficiaries.  Thus, you may only $100.00 of estate income and $5,000.00 of attorney’s fees, but if you file an estate income tax return in the last year of the estate, the $5,000.00 fee becomes a deduction a beneficiary can use on his or her income tax return.  Mr. Linde is an experienced tax attorney who will recognize these issues in your estate planning probate or trust issue.

3. Unlike most wills, trusts and estates attorneys and the few local attorneys (currently 9 others in Fort Myers) who are also board certified in wills, trusts and estates, Mr. Linde spends a significant amount of time litigating trust and estate issues. Thus, he is aware of the issues that can arise with improper drafting of estate planning documents and improper administration of a probate or trust. Further, if you have a contested issue, you do not have to go to another attorney who may not know anything about the nuances of wills, trusts and estates issues.

4.  In one sense, the law is kind of like a glacier.  If you look at the law on a day to day basis, it appears not to change.  However, if you look at the law from year to year, the law is constantly moving and changing.  Thus, attorneys who seek to provide outstanding service must take steps to keep current with changes in the law.  Matthew A. Linde continually seeks to broaden his knowledge of the law and attends many legal seminars every year to stay current on the ever changing law.  

5. Matthew A. Linde started practicing law in Wisconsin in May of 1993. Thus, Mr. Linde has been practicing law for over twenty years. He has a great deal of experience in every practice area listed on the home page of this website.

6. Mr. Linde charges a fixed fee for estate planning documents. Further, for new estate planning clients, Mr. Linde will meet with you for free for twenty minutes and then give you a fixed price to prepare your estate planning documents.

7. Mr. Linde has been practicing law in Florida since January of 2002. Mr. Linde is not going anywhere. Further Mr. Linde has great passion for what he does and is in the business because he cares about solving your problems.

8. While the attorneys at Cody & Linde, PLLC do not market their services based on price, their hourly rate is generally lower than attorneys with similar qualifications and experience. Further, the attorneys at Cody & Linde, PLLC have several support staff working for them. Thus, they do not spend time billing you for issues that can be delegated to someone who can perform the service for a lower rate or for no charge.  Mr. Linde can often significantly beat the price of similarly qualified attorneys in Naples. 

9. Attorneys at Cody & Linde, PLLC are covered by a seven figure malpractice insurance policy.  You would be amazed at how many attorneys practice without any insurance.  In fact you should always ask any attorney you are considering hiring whether that attorney has malpractice insurance.  If the attorney does not, then that attorney is probably not very successful and has no assets to protect - would you want to hire someone like that?

10.  Matthew A. Linde has several wins (with published decisions) at the Florida 2nd District Court of Appeals.  Thus, in the event the trial court judge makes an error in ruling on your case, Mr. Linde understands what needs to be done to get that decision overturned at the court of appeals.

11.  Yes we know we said ten, but we enjoy providing potential clients with more then they expect.  Matthew A. Linde has recently been nationally recognized and attained the status of a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) by the National Elder Law Foundation.  As of August 1st, 2016 there are only 479 CELAs in the United States and only a few like Mr. Linde who are also Board Certified in Elder Law and Wills, Trusts and Estates. More about CELAs can be found here: http://www.nelf.org/


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