Matthew A. Linde has many years planning for the transfer of complex estates.

What is an estate plan?  Simply stated, your estate plan is the documents that you have executed that (1) manage your assets upon your disability and (2) manage and transfer your assets upon your death.  Depending on your situation, both of these goals may involve various documents, which establish entities upon your death or disability. 

We often receive phone calls asking “how much for a will or trust?”  We always answer that question with “it depends.”  It is important to understand that when you go to see an experienced estate planning attorney your are not primarily paying for the actual document just like when you go to see a physician you are not primarily paying for surgery.  Imagine calling around town asking various heart surgeons “how much do you charge for heart surgery?”  While heart surgery is an important part of a heart patient’s treatment, it is equally important that the heart patient understand their options so he or she can make a fully informed decision.      

The same analysis is true concerning estate planning.  Estate planning is a process.  An experienced estate planning attorney will take the time to ask you questions so the attorney understands you as well as your family dynamics and your asset ownership structure.  It is very important to hire an experienced estate planning attorney because so many attorneys claim that they prepare wills and trusts as part of their practice.  As part of my litigation practice we have deposed many attorneys who claim they prepare estate planning documents and do not even know what a trust or durable power of attorney is.  Matthew A. Linde is an experienced estate planning attorney with many years of experience who has administered large estates with complicated tax issues.  Contact Cody & Linde, PLLC for more information.

Matthew A. Linde