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Read what our clients in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Bonita Springs have to say about Cody & Linde, PLLC  We represent the communities of Lee County, Henry County, Collier County, Highland County and Charlotte County.

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    "Thank you for all your assistance.  You went beyond what I expected, and I have worked with attorneys before.  You also noticed details and issues that I don't think most attorneys would have spotted."

    G.F., Ph.d
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    EDITOR'S NOTE:  this testimonial is from the one undue influence case that I lost; people usually say good things when they are happy, but this lady's comments to me mean a lot.   " I received your "0.00" bill and we cannot thank you enough, Matt.  While I know that you understand our position in this better than most, we truly appreciate the extra support and services you've given us.  I realize that you have other, more lucrative cases on your desk, and so appreciate that you spent some of that time on ours.  You told me that you believed in our honesty and integrity - thank you.  But we saw that in you as well, and your belief in us is what is helping us swallow this unjust & unfair situation.  You are a great attorney and you represent your clients well, and beyond the hourly fee.  I can see that is rare in Florida, so I have no doubt you'll be very successful, despite the obvious flaws in the judicial system there.        Beyond that, you are a wonderful person, and I wish you all the happiness in the world.  Look us up if you ever venture to Maine - you are welcome any time!"

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    EDITOR'S NOTE:  This case was one of the reasons I became an attorney.  This case took four years and a lot of patience.  This note written by the client is especially gratifying. "Four years ago I had two wills and trusts in my hands that were my parents who died a decade apart, asking an attorney acquaintance from Chicago what should I do and could he help me. The wills and trust was as different as night and day and totally Greek to me. He suggested that I would need an attorney from Florida who was knowledgeable with Florida Probate Law, one who was diligent in putting the pieces of the puzzle together, a good litigator and someone who was not familiar with my parents and their interests.  He made the connection with Matthew Linde.  Mr. Linde has proven to be all of the above in handling a very complex trust case.  His diligence in discovery of the facts led to turning from what we thought we were receiving into a pot of gold. He taught me to be patient, to be enduring under the stressful time, to understand what was important and what was not. He is good listener and even put out a fire or two.  As an emotional beneficiary we sometimes get the facts confused, forgetting that justice has no emotion. It was 6 months before I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Linde and in the four years I met with Mr. Linde maybe only a dozen times in Florida.  Most of the work was done by phone, e-mail or by Mail.  I would highly recommend you, Matt Linde, to anyone. Mr. Linde is very tenacious and has always been there for us.  I am most happy that he is on our side of the table and not on the other side. In regards to my Trust I have retained Mr. Linde for the next 15 or so years." 

    S.W. in Michigan