Attorney Linde discusses some reasons why trusts are frequently oversold.

Attorney Linde discusses some reasons why establishing a Florida revocable trust is not necessarily the best option for everyone.  Frequently, attorneys (and sometimes non-attorneys) sell unsuspecting individuals a revocable trust because the attorney (or non-attorney; we have seen revocable trusts sold as "estate planning insurance" door-to-door by non-attorneys) makes more money.  However, Floridians with modest or small estates frequently do not need a revocable trust as there are other options available.  Further, solving potential creditor problems can eliminate much of the "savings" involving "avoiding probate."  While there are good reasons to establish a revocable trust, a wise consumer will make sure he or she understands the benefits and determents before establishing this type of trust.  For additional information, contact Linde Law Group today.