Attorney Linde discusses issues you should consider when deciding whether to petition the Circuit court to determine if someone lacks mental capacity

Attorney Linde discusses the reasons that people file petitions to determine incapacity, the procedures to determine incapacity, and what happens when this type of petition is filed in the circuit court.  For many families, the decision to file a petition to determine incapacity for their mother or father is difficult.  Many people believe that if a parent is becoming incapacitated, that is something looked down upon by society.  The truth is that if you live long enough (i.e., you do not die from some disease) then you will be incapacitated at some point.  Thus, becoming incapacitated is part of life.  The real question is whether the alleged incapacitated person is being exploited or is making bad decisions because of their lack of or declining mental capacity.  For more information contact Linde Law Group today.